Why Change?

“I wasn’t struggling with my weight, I could keep it under control. What bothered me is that because I didn’t exercise for a few years, I became really weak. My body was jiggly, I was always tired and sleepy. I was depressed and getting sick too often. The first month of practice was a nightmare, I couldn’t do a single push up. I cried: “I am 44, I can’t do this to myself anymore”… But David was very supportive, and the routine was always fun and creative. I feel very young and beautiful with a lot of energy! I only exercised twice a week (and still do, most of the time), and it’s usually 30-40 min workout, but I saw huge improvements in only a few months!! I have now signed up for a spartan race so I wouldn’t have a way back to my old life. @localhost is coaching me to prepare for the run. Excited and scared at the same time, but I love my life now!”