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OCR Obstacle Course

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Rope Climb

Train the specific muscles required to muscle up the rope with ease and more importantly the J-hook technique to make sure nothing stands on your way from ringing that bell!

Spear Throw

One of the best feelings during a race? Nailing the Spear. Learn the technique to make sure even Spartacus would be proud.

6' Wall Jump

If you can't do a pull up it's hard to get over a wall. These workouts will train those specific muscles to get you up and over from the first jump!

Monkey Bars

Time to go back to the playground and get our grip strength back!

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Obstacle Training Guides

You can be an elite runner but do you really want to do hundreds of burpees and fall behind your friends that used these guides?

12 Week Running Plan

A completely tailored 12 week OCR program to make sure you are not only cardiovascularly prepared but you have the strength for some of the heavy carries and the technique to get past all the obstacles!

Calisthenics Technique Guide

Best way to train strength, balance, and mobility? Calisthenics. Where can you do a calisthenics based workout? Anywhere.

Nutrition Guides

Can't outwork a bad diet…. Yeah we know. No need to worry, we have daily meal prep guides and race day nutrition summary to make sure you race at your best.

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