Am I Race Ready?

Venture within, to a place where excuses don’t exist, to begin your journey today! OCRFitness was started to show people that a healthy balanced lifestyle is possible no matter what you do, where you live, or how busy your daily schedule is.

    What are your goals?
    choose all that apply

    Gym membership
    any current gym membership?

    Obstacle course
    have you ever completed obstacle course before?

    No. of Burpees
    how many burpees you can do in 3 minutes?

    The human mind and body desire a challenge. Training and completing an obstacle course race will allow people of all fitness levels to escape their comfort zone, push boundaries, and strengthen their personal equilibrium. Make every workout a fulfilling, new experience! Our fitness belief is that when training you must connect your mind and body to unlock a third spiritual potential, to break past a “self-set” barrier, and reach the next level of equilibrium. The transition into this phase, your “second wind”, is what we call “transcendence”.

    When it comes to progressing in not just your training but life in general a mind-body equilibrium is a necessity. You must feed your mind with the right fuel to continue and push through when motivation is at it’s lowest. Proper training and nutrition will demand your body to change. This mind-body connection is the only way to achieve your goals! An OCRFitness lifestyle will not only provide health and energy, but the ability to wake up every morning excited to become one step closer to being the best you!