Transcendence Fitness Test

In athletics we have something called a “second wind”. It’s a phenomenon that people can’t explain beyond physiologic mechanisms utilizing alternative sources of energy via aerobic respiration. Our fitness belief is that when training you must connect your mind and body to unlock a third spiritual potential, to break past a “self-set” barrier, and reach the next level of equilibrium. The transition into this phase, your “second wind”, is what we call “transcendence”.

How do you achieve something that’s beyond touch, smell, and comprehension? – The Trifecta of fitness.

Mind Body & Spirit

The ability to connect the three is what differentiates fitness successes from failures. Make no mistake; Strength, cardio-vascular capacity or weight loss, is not the complete package.

You must evolve in all three categories, yet in order to do so, you must possess the ability to visualize your current goals accomplished. Fuel your mind with the right reasons to begin and sustain your venture. Perform the necessary physical activities to prepare your body for change. Once your mind has been trained to demand your body to change, will you only start seeing results and can begin our journey of transcendence.

The second wind is not something you can achieve every workout, perfection is neither guaranteed nor required. We have all heard the phrase “mind over matter”, however persistence of the mind is the essential factor to push beyond the physical norm in your workout. When your mind, body & spirit align in one common goal you unlock your second wind.

The Transcendence phase. Your second wind will only come once you surpass the barrier of “I’m done” , “I can’t do anymore” , “I can’t go any further”. Precisely on the other side of this barrier your true potential awaits for you to perform your transcendence rep, set, mile, obstacle, mission.

Let’s begin our OCRFitness Journey.